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Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing. It roughly translates to “Universal Life Force Energy”. Using Ki, the life force that flows through all things, energies are balanced within the body, mind and soul. It is a gentle technique that can benefit everyone! This is a quick session to adjust any imbalances. Great for needed boost of energy, acute times of illness or stress or just feeling "blah".

Session Include: 30 minute session. Along with your Higher Self, I check which chakras are sluggish/closed, remove stagnant energy to realign/open chakras and recharge the chakras as needed. Following the session, a brief report of sluggish/closed chakras and corrected imbalances will be emailed.

Chakra Balancing Session (30 minutes)

  • This is a digital product! Session length is typically about 30 minutes and notes will be sent via a email after the session. You do not need to be physically present for the session, meaning you can go about your normal routine. Reiki will still be just as effective. If you know yourself to be sensitive to Reiki energy, please contact Catrice after purchase to discuss possible time arrangement.


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