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This is a special discounted price for those selling and buying their properties/homes. Over 50% off the second clearing!


Along with the description of the Property Clearing, this will provide a clearing for the selling home when it’s put on the market to help facilitate a smooth and quick sell. Just like when you put your home on the market, you want to have the home in a neutral state to allow potential buyers to “see themselves in the home”. This is an “energetic staging” of sorts to allow those buyers to energetically feel themselves in the home. I’ll clear the Akashic Record of the selling home to set everything to a neutral energy to open the door for .

Then once the purchasing home is closed and financial responsibility is handed off officially, I’ll be able to clear and set the home to neutral energy and clear anything out left behind by previous occupants allowing for an energetic cleaning home for you to begin the next journey in.


For more info about property clearing, please visit the Property Clearing serivce page. This is a fantastic way to close out a journey with one home to begin the next at a deep discount.

Akashic Record Moving Special

  • This is a digital product. Clearing report will be a typed out PDF that will be emailed once clearing is completed.


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