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Image by Paige Cody

I'm Catrice

Reiki 3 Practitioner & Akashic Record Reader 


Hey there! I’m Catrice. Welcome to this little crazy corner of world I’ve created! You’ve probably found me because there’s something you’re searching for like I was. But searching means going into the darkest shadows and let’s be honest, it’s scary feeling like you’re going at it alone. I’m here to offer a guiding hand and a light for your path if you choose to take it. Only you can walk your path but having someone there to help brighten your way is a wonderful thing.

A little bit about me, I’m currently playing the role of wife, mom of 2, furmama and so much more. I’m a California bay area native and now call the forest foothills of the Sierra Mountains in Northern California my home. As a kid, I was always playing wolves, talking with the trees and the wind, mixing whatever potions I could forge, connecting to the dragons, unicorns, fae and mermaids, and deeply connected to the Stars and Mama Moon. By the time I was around 12/13 yrs. old when I found Paganism and Wicca (note that there was no internet then and no metaphysical shops around!) and thus my path began. By the time I met my soon-to-be husband at 18, I began to allow the opinions of others to rule over my truth. I began believing the truths of others and eventually put mine aside. Over the course of nearly 20 years, I allowed others to rule over my voice and choices. I was not living a Soul expressed life because I was living for other people’s Soul paths since I buried mine deep. It caused so much turmoil, deep depression and panic attacks, heavy drinking and lack luster manifestations. But somehow through the darkness, The Divine would always catch me at the 11th hour.  Sound familiar?

Now fast forward to about 2019, my husband (who was very devote Christian) began a journey all his own going down the rabbit holes of Mysticism. He was terrified to tell me but as soon as he shared his discoveries, it felt like I could finally whip off the constricting bra that was my false truth! It felt like I could finally breathe and be my truth! But it wasn’t without hard work of going into the shadows to discover what drove my negative choices in the first place of allowing others to rule over my own truth. Enter in Reiki and the Akashic Records. Between these two powerful healing modalities, I was able to weather the intense waves of rapid awakening since my guides later informed me “I was never supposed to take the 20 year detour” thus I had to take the fast track.

Now I have such a soft heart for others on the fast track of healing and awakening. I love to hold space for those wanting to uncover THEIR truth and soul path and ease the uncomfortable healing crisis symptoms that come along with since no growth is done without being uncomfortable. This is where my magick lies. Helping others find their crowns, their freedom and remembering their Divinity.

It’s easy to get lost in the darkness without playing in your light so remember how you sparkle!




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