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Do you ever feel that your home or property still has that energetic “dirty” feeling even though you filled the house with enough smoke to make Cheech and Chong wonder what’s going on? Chances are that there might need to be a deeper clearing that needs to take place at the level of the Akashic Records. Just as a Soul has an Akashic Record so does a home/property and the land of Mother Gaia has been here longer than our houses or streets and so much can take place over the course of timelines. All this action is recorded in the Records. Since land doesn’t essentially have “free will” like the Soul, it will continually run a certain assignment or programming even after the purpose has been served. And since everything is energy, this misalignment can cause chaotic energy, sleepless nights, feelings of never being alone or general uneasiness (just to name a few) for the current inhabitants.


The good news is that this can be addressed and changed within the Akashic Records! In this clearing, I go into the Records of the home/property, identify any negative beliefs or imprints, earthbound attachments, portalways/gateways and land energetics that are not in current alignment and make the request to change and release those imbalances resetting everything to a neutral energy.  A report will be sent for review and as long as you agree with the release of the unserving energies, it is done! Some effects of an Akashic Record home/property clearing can result in (but not limited to): more restful sleep, feeling of safety, feeling of peace and calm, falling away of negative things/situations, faster selling if home is listed, etc.


The only caveat to this is only those that have “energetic ownership”, meaning financial responsibility, are able to request a clearing. Meaning paying rent on an apartment or space, a mortgage or paid in full deed. If you are unsure if this applies to your situation, please contact me prior to purchasing!

Akashic Record Property Clearing

  • This is a digital product. Clearing report will be a typed out PDF that will be emailed once clearing is completed.


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