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The Akashic Records is the 5D library of everything that was, is and ever shall be in the Universe. It is vast and all encompassing! Everything within the 3D realm has a record. As a reader of this library, I focus on the Soul specifically and look to see what the unique expression since you were sparked from the Divine and the current blocks standing in the way of that expression.


Rediscover and realign with your soul with this in-depth reading! In this reading with the Akashic Records, I'll help you remember your soul blueprint (your energetic imprint comprised of your soul gifts and starseed origin) and clear any blocks standing in the way from fully expressing your blueprint. Knowing these key pieces will help unlock manifesting and release any negative beliefs keeping you from living an authentic life!

Soul Blueprint & Clearing

  • This is a digital product! Reading length is typically between 45 mins to 1 hr and will be sent via a Google DriveLink. 


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